Think Pytest 101

Why Pytest

pytest is a powerful test framework used for testing. There are a lot of frameworks available for testing and there's something that sets pytest apart. The differentiator is extensibility and flexibility.

Of all the frameworks available, the extensibility and flexibility that pytest offers is amazing.

What sets pytest Apart:

  1. Strong Ecosystem with a lot of plugins
  2. Can be used for unit and functional testing. In some cases, Pytest can even be used for non functional tests.
  3. Easily integratable with reporting tools like allure.
  4. Easy to learn and pick up.
  5. Easy to modify the default behavior via custom plugins.
  6. Wide variety of markers allow to rerun tests on failure, skip tests, mark tests as expected failures, making test cases dependent on each other so that if one fails, the others do not run.
  7. Can be used for all types of testing including embedded, Mobile and web.

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